CPR: turn your deadline into a lifeline

Stop procrastinating and gift yourself some external accountability, structure and motivation as you work towards your goal! With the CPR deadline package we will schedule you back onto your own agenda and motivate you to perserve and stick to your goal.

This CPR deadline includes:

A personal online intake, in which you can indicate what you want to work on and when we should call you.
We also want to know what your week looks like: hobbies, obligations, children, energy level?
We’ll discuss the course of the coming months, with goals and sub-goals.
We’re going to keep you accountable with our phone calls.
We will motivate you, ask smart questions and help you persevere. A phone call takes half an hour to 45 minutes. After each call we make a short report of your progress: how you are doing, what your goals are and what small changes in your schedule get the results you are looking for. We share this with you for extra motivation.

Deadline Bureau will kick your ass and cheer you on. After four months, a personal intake and four phone calls, your finish line is in sight. By then you will have found a solid work rhythm, extra motivation and self-confidence with which you can complete your dream project (yes, you have to do the heavy lifting. But we will do the cheerleading and guard the results).

Is your project more simple and short-term? Then please have a look at our Electric Shock deadline. Do you need a thorough disentanglement of your creative process and even more positive reinforcement? A listening ear and aftercare? Then you might be better off with our more extensive S.O.S package. But whatever you choose, you are at the crossroads of change!

Payment can be made safely via Ideal and credit card. If there is no click during our first moment of contact, just send us a message and we will refund the purchase amount. If you would like a comapny invoice, please send us an email.
The deadline amount includes VAT. We handle data and privacy with care.

In four months you can finish with what you have been putting off for so long. Invest in yourself and start today.

You can use this deadline package for any goal you’d like to achieve but keep putting off: writing, blogging, project planning, grant applications, starting your own business, a study assignment. Do you want to lose weight, create a website, start a podcast? Clean up, sort out, complete a task? Deadline Bureau is here to help you cross that finishing line.