Gift a Deadline!

Do you want to give someone a kick in the butt? Buy them a deadline!

Do you have friends, colleagues or family members who suffer from chronic procrastination? Always talking about their dream, but never actually getting started. Then gift them a deadline, a soft Kick in the Butt. The gift of accountability, with phone calls to keep them structured and motivated over the next three months, using our Deadline Bureau method.

So how does it work? Enter your details and pay securely via Ideal or credit card. We will send you an email and ask for information about the recipient. This person will then receive a fun, celebratory intake email in their inbox, telling them they have been gifted a deadline and will have to put themselves back on their agenda. The instructions on how to contact us and get started will be included.

They will be asked to:

Step 1: schedule an online intake with us (get out of that comfort zone).
Step 2: during the online introduction, we’ll determine a strategy, a start date and when we can reach them.
Step 3: We will call three times, at the beginning, half-way through the process and near the end. The phone calls will serve as accountability, motivation, structure and of course positive reinforment.

For privacy reasons, we cannot provide information about the progress of this deadline gift. But we will notify you when the client has taken action and requested the intake. We can also add a personal note to the email we’ll send them, just let us know.

Help that poor procrastinator make their dreams come true with this wonderful gift.

Price: € 128,- including VAT. If you would like an invoice, please let us know.

If you have any other questions about this deadline gift please email: We can also provide deadline gifts for the entire department, or host a Deadline workshop. Help your loved ones turn their thoughts into action with a deadline!