F.A.Q. and club rules

Do you need help to achieve your goals?
Have you been procrastinating for months, maybe even years?
And are you tired of your own excuses?

We are the kick in the butt. The push forward. The external pressure you need to start or finish your project.
We are Deadline Bureau.

So how does it work?

  • Choose a deadline package.
  • Complete the (online) intake form: what do you want to finish and when?
  • We will call you. Or: we will structure your creative process together.

Here are our FAQ and club rules (just scroll down).


Who benefits from Deadline Bureau?
Creatives who need a boost. Doubters, worriers, dreamers. Chronic procrastinators. Perfectionists.

How can Deadline Bureau help me?
With a deadline. A boundary, a challenge. We put you back at the wheel. Ensure you own your own agenda. So you can create time for yourself, to pursue your dreams, goals, projects. We will keep you accountable. We will call you so you stick to your goals. If you need help to untangle your creative process, we will listen carefully, structure your work, set goals. And then ensure you keep them. We act as your teacher, coach, confessor. Why? Because we want you to experience that indescribable feeling you get when you finally finish your project.

So are you psychologists?
No. We are writers and cultural scientists. And cheerleaders of course!

So how will you motivate me?
Peer pressure works and so do compelling phone calls. We look at it this way: you have intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. We offer a mix of these two types of motivation that we’ve dubbed eccentric motivation. A magical mixture of your own motivation combined with Deadline Bureau’s enforcement. You create while we guard the boundaries. The idea of ​​hiring someone to give you a kick in the butt is hilarious isn’t it? But trust us, it works.

For what kind of project can I buy a deadline?
Your dream project, and that can be anything: a novel, a blog series, a clean and tidy room. A photo book, a website, a podcast or a thesis: any (creative)project that you have been putting off for a while and for which you need a different approach. With a little support and gentle coercion from us.

How do you invoice?
After filling in your details, you get a payment request from Mollie/ideal or you can pay by creditcard. Your intake will take place online, by mail or by meet, depending on the package you choose. When we have received the payment, we will start the process as soon as possible (within 2-3 days). If, at first contact, there’s no click, we will fully refund you.

Do I have to choose between Sanny or Marloes?
No, you don’t. Don’t call us: we’ll call you.

Can I also gift a deadline?
Yes, we have a gift a deadline package – a real kick in the butt for a loved one or family member.

Why did you become a deadline dealer?
Because we needed it ourselves so badly. And it worked so well. See our story.

What kind of club is ‘The Deadliners’?
That’s our own club, a network of creatives and like-minded people. Toiling in a studio or in your attic is important, but meeting people that recognize your creative process feels so good. Because you are not alone and you’re definitely not crazy. With The Deadliners club we want to organize online and offline club evenings, where you can share ‘work in progress’ in a safe and fun surrounding. You might also meet cool partners for new projects. And because talking about work is sometimes even more fun than working itself (*procrastination alert*). Be welcome!

Can we also hire you for writing services or other creative work?
Yes, you can. Sanny edits novels and articles and writes and translates in Dutch and English. Marloes is a copywriter and ghostwriter (in Dutch) and manages cultural projects.

Do you write newsletters?
Absolutely, and we love to share tips about productivity and cool new research about creativity. You can register here, free of charge (we won’t send any spam.)

What language do you speak?
We are Dutch, but fluent in English. Sanny is bilingual. She grew up speaking English in the Caribbean and also speaks French and Spanish. Marloes studied English and German at the University of Antwerp, Belgium before she decided to embrace the arts.

Our rules at a glance:

    1. You can compare our working method to a gym-membership: we will help you, but you are responsible for the end result yourself.
    2. We will call you during the deadline trajectory to keep you on course. Be honest about when we can (and cannot) reach you. So we can organize our time efficiently. Not answering the phone? Don’t worry, we’ll try again the same day. But that’s it. Because Deadline Bureau is about taking responsibility and sticking to promises you make to yourself and others.
    3. You’ll have to wait and see whether you get Sanny or Marloes on the phone. We divide the work equally.
    4. We will treat your data confidentially, see our privacy statement for more information.
    5. You are absolutely not allowed to talk to anyone about the Deadline Bureau. Just kidding, that’s a Fight Club joke. Please share your story and ours, we want to grow! You can also gift a deadline to family members or friends, to give them a kick in the butt. Good idea for that person that has been talking about starting a project for ages.
    6.  The deadline trajectory only starts once the intake has been fully completed and upon receipt of payment.
    7. Welcome to the club! Buy that deadline. Sign up for our newsletter.