Electric Shock

Give yourself an electric shock

Are you tired of procrastinating and dawdling? Purchase this electric shock deadline and we will help you reach your goal in three months. With accountability, perserverance and motivation along the way your much wanted goal will soon be in reach. No more excuses, just take action! We will determine the start date together and then schedule three phonecalls: at the beginning, halfway through and just before the end.

We also offer a more extensive package of four months, with your own file and our tips & tricks or we we will work with you for six months, during which we’ll brainstorm and coach you one-on-one to untangle your work rhythm, your wishes, your procrastination pasttimes and creative process.

With this Electric Shock deadline:

You will receive an online intake, in which you can indicate what project you want to work on and what times we can best call you.
We will also ask you what your week looks like: obligations, children, pets, energy level?
We will then call to confirm and discuss your schedule for the coming months.
We’re going to call you three times to keep you accountable.
A phone call takes an average of half an hour.
If there is no click during our first contact, send us a message and we will refund your money.
We handle data and privacy with care (see our privacy regulation.)

By purchasing a deadline you give yourself a finish line and guidance along the way.  You put yourself back on your own agenda. And we will cheer you on.  Make sure you are progressing.

Our payment options are easy and safe via Ideal and credit card. The cost of the deadline includes VAT. If you would like a company invoice, please send us an email.

In 90 days you can celebrate finishing your passion project. So invest in yourself and start today.

You can use this deadline package for any goal you’d like to achieve but keep putting off: writing, blogging, project planning, grant applications, a study assignment. Do you want to lose weight, create a website, start a podcast? Clean up, sort out, complete a task? Deadline Bureau is here to help you cross that finishing line.